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1/6 ctw Tao Yin Yang Petite White & Black Round Cut Diamond Fashion Pendant With Chain in 10K White Gold

The Yin-Yang is a Chinese Taoist symbol that is not only of relevance in China, but also recognized the world over. It features a circle that is equally halved by a curving line. One side of the circle is black, while the other is white, representing two different characteristics. While the black side, Yin, signifies femininity, softness, passiveness, cold, dark, stillness, moon and water, Yang associates with masculinity, sun, fire, warmth, light, hardness, movement and activeness. In this Petite Yin Yang fashion pendant, black and natural diamonds show the two sides, a total of 36 pave hand set and 2 bezel set round cut diamonds. An 18-inch CAT23 chain holds the Yin-Yang pendant, both of which are styled 10 karat white gold. Total diamond weight is 1/6 ctw.

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