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Natural Diamond vs Lab-grown Diamond, choosing rarity!

February 2023 | Brian Newton

We aren't your average jewelry store. We do not sell lab grown diamonds nor the lab grown diamond jewelry. Simple as that... How can we sell a product that literally has no trade value? The answer is easy; we won't sell it. Understanding value, as a family jewelry store independently owned, it is very troublesome to see we can purchase from a wholesaler a one carat lab grown diamond for the same price as a 6.6 to 7mm Moissanite, and this example should alarm the consumer! In our opinion you are flushing your dollars down the toilet if you purchase a lab grown. The science behind the lab grown have the same chemical make up as a natural diamond but the rarity and value are what sets a natural diamond apart from the lab grown. The natural diamond is a billion-year-old gem versus the lab grown takes a few weeks in a lab, kind of sounds like a Hungry Jack microwaveable meal. The value, lab grown diamond prices have fallen by more than 70% in the last 4 years, while the natural diamond retains its value by making them heirlooms. Let's talk environment... How many times do we replace our computer or smartphones??? Now be honest... The impact of a one carat polished natural diamond is about the same as manufacturing three smartphones, so let's not get it twisted. Last but not least, natural diamonds are unique, like fingerprints. There are no two natural diamonds identical unlike mass produced man created. When you enter our showroom, feel confident we are here for the long haul, to be exact 109 years thus far...we want to celebrate the milestones, birthdays and special occasions with you. Since 1914. Come see us or visit our website,

Peggy Newton

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